Dating With An Executive Style

I hear it all the time “I can’t find a man because I intimidate men.” Believe me, I know this because I used to say it until I realized that all men, including successful, powerful business men and Alpha males, aren’t all intimidated by me. Was I perhaps making excuses for actually pushing men away? Maybe some of my actions were actually turning men off and they just couldn’t wait for the date to be over so they could cut and run.

Many accomplished women forget how to turn the career driven, executive woman off and let the vulnerable, feminine woman shine through on a date and/or in a relationship. Why can this be a problem? Men ultimately still want to feel like the protector/hunter. They desire to help a damsel in distress once in a while. Maybe it’s as simple as fixing a light bulb, making us laugh, holding us when we are sad, etc. They want a woman who can be silly, vulnerable, attentive and loving. A woman who needs them. OUCH! Yes, I said it….need. If you want a relationship, then you need to want to love someone else and be loved, share your happy times, heartaches and compliment each other by bringing cool things to the table to teach and experience with each other. Don’t get me wrong, you DON’T need to lose your successful, edgy flare and act “needy”.  You just need to be open to receiving sometimes and balance your executive side with your softer girly side.

The bottom line is that if we are telling men that we are completely independent, don’t need a man, tell them how to fix and/or run their business and life, talk about how accomplished and successful we are in business, etc., don’t appreciate what he brings to the table, he’s going to lose interest quickly.

Ladies, it’s amazing how far we have come and the outstanding accomplishments we have all attained in our lives!! We should be proud and own our accomplishments. Let’s just not forget the vulnerable, little girl inside us who wants prince charming to ride in on his horse and give us that huge kiss to snap us out of our workaholic, “me” focused slumber and remind us there is more to life then just the daily grind.

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