Holiday Break-Ups

The most high volume months for holiday break-ups are November, December and the beginning of February. Why? There is a lot of pressure from family, gift giving and overall re-evaluation of one’s relationship. A holiday breakup can be so devastating because of the time off and the unavoidable questions surrounding the breakup. Don’t ignore your feelings though. It’s important to let ourselves feel sad and go through a healing stage before we can open our hearts, feel whole and awesome again. Holidays are a difficult time for relationships to end due to past memories. Then you have your family asking what happened. There is a lot of downtime for these talks because we’re not keeping our minds occupied with work. The good news is that after you get through the holiday season, 2019 will be a much easier time for you.

In the meantime, give yourself allotted time during the day to grieve and then consciously move on to happier thoughts and activities. Do things that make you feel joyful and fulfilled. Spend time with those you love and be grateful for the blessings you have in your life this holiday season. You will pass through this time quicker than you thing and put holiday break ups behind you.

Hang in there! I promise you will start feeling better after the holidays are over. XOXO