How To Approach Women

When meeting women in public, or on dates, you must have a killer first Impression. What does this mean? For starters, you need to dress to impress, walk with confidence and have great posture. As you walk, look around and make eye contact with people and smile.

Now that you’ve mastered how to own the room, how to you approach women? Here are a few strategies to get the conversation started…

  1. The Direct Approach. Just say “Hi” and introduce yourself
  2. Compliment her on her shoes, dress, smile, positive energy. Be aware that your compliments don’t have a sexual undertone
  3. Ask for her opinion or help with something

A couple examples of approaches include:

“I saw you across the room and had to meet you. You have an amazing smile” or “I love your positive energy”.

“You look like you are having so much fun! I had to stop and say “hi!”.

Write some different approaches that you feel comfortable with using and practice them so they roll off your tongue when you see an amazing lady you would like to meet.

Now you’ve met the girl. How do you create attraction with her?

  1. Escalate with touch. 1-2 seconds to start. Arm, shoulder, forearm. Be aware of her reaction. If she pulls away, back off the touching. If she is open and touching you back, you may be able to touch her back, leg, or waist, if she is open to it. Always be respectful and aware of her boundaries. She should feel comfortable with each step you take and reciprocate at some level as well.
  2. Create a little friction in the conversation. Kindly disagree with something she says.
  3. Haven’t met her yet? Walk up to her, lean in, and compliment her. Then keep walking but keep in close proximity.

Now you’ve learned how to meet her and create attraction, how do you get the number?

  1. “I have to go but enjoyed talking with you and would really like to see you again. Can I have your number?
  2. “I really enjoying talking with you. I have a little time before my next meeting. Would you be interested in grabbing coffee or lunch?”
  3. “You have great energy and I would love the chance to get to know you better. We should continue this over a cocktail or dinner sometime. Can I have your number?”