Questions Before Marriage

Here are a few questions to ask before marriage. These questions also apply to those who are thinking about getting into a serious long term relationship with someone.

  1. How do they act when they are angry? How do they react to conflict?
  2. Do you understand each other’s Love Languages? Examples of the five Love Languages include words of affirmation, receiving gifts, acts of service, physical touch, and quality time.
  3. By what rules or guidelines do they live their life? Do your values stack up with each other?
  4. What are you willing to give up? Can you compromise on subjects?
  5. Does one of you hate something the other loves? Everyone compromises in the beginning but if you really hate something your partner loves, this can be a deal breaker if you can’t learn to support and accept it and vice versa.
  6. How will we deal with a break in trust?
  7. Do we have more than just love? Love and passion are wonderful but if you don’t enjoy doing the little things together and just spending time together, you will have problems.
  8. Talk financials. Who pays what, how much debt, etc.
  9. If your parents get sick when they get older, what’s the plan? Do you like each other’s families?
  10. Do you both feel the same about having or not having children?
  11. Can you communicate your needs to each other? Is the other person receptive to hearing those needs and responding in kind?
  12. Does your partner have any addictions (alcohol, drug, food, etc.)?
  13. Is your partner happy with who they are and the life they are living? Are you happy with your life?

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Kristi Price

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