Signs That Your Relationship Is Going Nowhere

Relationships usually begin with excitement and bright expectations. So how do you recognize the signs that your relationship is going nowhere? The key is to not waste precious time hanging onto the wrong person. Here are 10 signs that you’re in a dead-end relationship, and it’s probably time to move on:

  1. You have more confusion than clarity. Time should bring important insights into your partner and your compatibility. It’s a red flag if you are more confused or unsure about your partner or the direction of the relationship as weeks or months pass.
  2. Initial attraction hasn’t led to a lasting bond. Being attracted to qualities like a nice smile, quick wit, hot body, or a confident demeanor can only hold a couple together for so long. As you get to know each other, are you able to have deep, meaningful, and sometimes vulnerable conversations on occasion? Is your partner kind and thoughtful? A romance that flames out quickly might be due to a strong physical attraction with little else to feed it.
  3. Your desire for “space” is increasing. Wanting individual “me” time is normal. That said, if your alone time has become more appealing then time with your significant other, you may want to reevaluate your relationship.
  4. You don’t feel like you can be “completely yourself” with this person. If you can’t be yourself and relax around your partner, it isn’t a good match. If you feel that your energy is drained when you are together and/or everything is all about them – RUN, don’t walk.
  5. Your values and beliefs aren’t aligned. Be realistic about whether your value systems, lifestyle, and life goals are pointing you in the same direction. If there are differences, evaluate whether reasonable or impossible compromises lie ahead.
  6. You’ve noticed incidents of dishonesty and deception. Trust is crucial to all healthy relationships. Lying breaks down trust and the pureness of a loving, intimate relationship.
  7. One person is clingy and dependent. Most healthy relationships aren’t able to survive extreme jealousy, over-dependence, or controlling behavior. These behaviors indicate a deficiency in a person’s emotional foundation.
  8. Your partner is unwilling to put the effort in for your long-term relationship success. No one is perfect, and there will be problems to address that will require hard work, perseverance, and compromise. Are you both willing to do the work? A healthy relationship requires both people to invest equally in the partnership.
  9. You wonder consistently if there is someone better suited for you. Most people have occasional doubts and questions in relationships. If those thoughts become increasingly frequent, it’s a warning sign that you shouldn’t ignore.
  10. You’re feeling an acute sense of “time urgency”. Regardless of your age, you feel that the relationship isn’t progressing. For example, if your goals are marriage and you’ve been living together for 4 years with no engagement or plans for a wedding date, take pause and question if you both have the same vision for your future.

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