Summer Date Ideas

Summer is here! Where do you meet other singles?

Summer is here! Where do you meet other singles? It is way more fun to meet other singles doing activities or sports you enjoy. It’s a fantastic way to directly meet other singles, and new friends, who have similar interests. You’re also able to determine if there is any chemistry in a potential partner since you are meeting people in person. Get out of the house this summer and meet some new friends and potentially your love of your life! Here are some fun summer dating ideas where you can meet other singles.

  • Wine & Beer festivals
  • Outdoor happy hours
  • Pop up beer gardens
  • Bicycle & Running clubs
  • Outdoor adventure clubs
  • Join a fundraising committee for your favorite charity
  • “First Friday” activities
  • Singles vacations & cruises
  • Wine tastings
  • Whiskey tastings
  • Cooking classes
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Dog parks
  • activities
  • Local bookstore or coffee shop
  • Classes: learn a new skill or sport
  • Gallery hop
  • Head out on the town for a Sunday Fun Day
  • Alumni Chapters
  • Sporting events
  • Join a golf or tennis club
  • Some public pools have a fun singles scene
  • Kristi D. Price events
  • Singles Events

Are you not a social butterfly and would rather meet people online?

Join some interest groups and forums through Facebook and other social media sites. Although time consuming, online dating sites are also a good way to meet other singles. If you do meet others through online dating apps and sites, don’t take too much time emailing back and forth. Get on a call and make a plan to meet in person if the call goes well. For safety reasons, get their full name to check them out before you meet them and always meet in a public place.

Are you interested in learning about other fun summer dating ideas or dating tips and ideas for any season? Schedule a call today!


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