Valentine’s Day is a night to celebrate love for couples. Make sure to plan it out and keep the conversation light by tabling kid or finance troubles, criticisms of each other, etc. for the evening.

Remember that the date you celebrate doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day. You’ll get better service on another night anyway.

Flowers-bouquets are in! So it’s not just roses anymore. Check out
Not into Flowers? Buy her a 24 karat gold dipped rose
Chocolate is an easy way to a girls heart
Jewelry-make it special and get it personalized
Give her a massage with intimate oils & sexy scents
Make a “mix tape” of your songs and love songs on Spotify or itunes
Write a poem and frame it
Beauty subscription to

Tickets to a sporting event
Buy new lingerie & wear it for him
Make a coupon book of fun, intimate activities he can cash in on
Give him a massage with intimate oils & sexy scents
Buy him a limited edition shaving kit
For other ideas for the tough guy or girl to buy for check out these sites: or

Couples massage
Weekend getaway
Cooking classes
Make a book about why you love your spouse and why you are grateful to have them in your life
Tape sweet nothing Post-its around the house
Play hooky and have a day date while the kids are at school
Get take out or cook together and have a picnic by the fire at home
Go to the theatre
Go through wedding pictures and family album

Pick your Valentine’s date up and go on a scavenger hunt around town. Stop for an appetizer at one restaurant, dinner at another and dessert someplace special. End the evening with massage and wine at home by the fire.


Instead of dinner go for drinks and apps
Go dancing or take a dance class
Take a painting and wine class
Take a wine tasting class at
Go to a movie and have wine and dessert afterwards
Go ice skating
Take a day trip somewhere

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