Sex When Dating

When do you have sex when dating? I get asked this question every week, and there are no rules about this but there are recommendations. If you want to connect with a person and see where things go for a long-term relationship, it is best to wait until you know each other enough to communicate effectively, in and out of the bedroom. Make sure you are on the same page for what you are both looking for in a partner. Is it just a fun time or a possible relationship if things go well? Also, for women, you will feel more at ease when there is a foundation of trust and good communication.

Trust usually inspires better sex because you will feel relaxed and can enjoy yourself more. In addition, for you men, if you wait a bit, you’ll weed out the crazy ones who you may not “feel” it with after sex but who are now hiding in your bushes to persuade you that this is love. 😉

How long should you wait? Until you get married? 3-5 dates? 3 months? Ultimately, you need to do what feels right to you but new research shows that 36 hours is the number! 😉
For me, I believe waiting until after the honeymoon stage (3 months) or until you are married can be detrimental to your relationship. Why? For one, you may not be sexually compatible. Secondly, don’t you want to experience that fun honeymoon stage as much as possible? Ultimately, the decision is yours and you have to be comfortable with it. Here’s an article to help you think it through in the meantime.

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