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Dating Consulting

It’s no secret that dating isn’t as simple as it seems in the movies. Modern-age singles face a wide variety of struggles when it comes to finding the one. Between ghosting, catfishing, gas lighting, and so much more negativity, successfully dating in Philly can seem like an impossible feat. At KP Matchmaking, we offer dating consulting services to allow you to put your best foot forward while navigating the dating scene both online and offline.

Dating Coaching

At KP Matchmaking, we offer dating coaching to help our clients refine their dating skills and ultimately find love. When working with our dating coach, you will receive personalized advice that will help you take your dating skills to the next level. Our matchmaker, Kristi D. Price will formulate a strategy based on your goals, interests, and desires, in order for you to get the absolute most out of your experience. Using a wide variety of tools and techniques, our dating coach will help you have fun and find success while dating in Philly.

With the help of our dating coach, you will discover your full potential when it comes to making your dates swoon over you. Singles who seek dating coaching often don’t go on many second dates, need to brush up on their dating skills, or don’t feel comfortable enough to be themselves while dating. Dating coaching can help you make a strong initial impression, form meaningful connections, and build confidence! Dating coaching will help you become the best possible version of yourself and own every room you walk into. Dating in Philly becomes easier for the singles we work with!

The dating coaching process is designed to be fun and light-hearted. First, our dating coach will evaluate your current dating skills by asking you a variety of questions and getting to know you. Then, she will create a personalized plan that will help you find more success in the dating scene. Our date coach will help you with conversation starters, how to dress for success, get over the fear of rejection, ways to follow up after the date, and more. Once you start applying your new knowledge to real-life scenarios, our dating coach will be readily available to answer any questions and provide further advice so you can step up your game while dating in Philly. Click the button below to learn more about dating coaching.

Dating Coach Philly

Connecting & Attracting

The art of connecting and attracting plays a major role in finding success in many aspects of life, including romantic relationships, professional networking, friendships, and more. Being able to attract the right people and build meaningful connections with them is a skill that will never go out of style. When you are able to connect with people, you are building a strong foundation for a healthy relationship. At KP Matchmaking, we offer programs to teach singles how to connect with and attract others in a way that will dramatically increase their chances of finding love while dating in Philly.

Although mastering the art of connecting and attracting can take time, it is extremely beneficial when it comes to surrounding yourself with genuine people and building a life you love. Psychologists believe that people who can successfully connect with others have fewer feelings of anxiety, depression, and general unease. If you can attract the right people or uplifting individuals, you can maximize your happiness and live a stress-free life.

When you participate in connecting and attracting programs with KP Matchmaking, we will evaluate your current approach and develop a personalized strategy to help you expand your skill set and get the most out of dating in Philly. These programs have helped hundreds of singles step outside of their comfort zone, attract the people they’d like to surround themselves with and develop meaningful connections that will last a lifetime. Click the button below to learn more about connecting and attracting.

Philly Dating Consulting
Philadelphia Dating Consulting

Practice Dating

Practice dating is the process of going on a “mock” date with one of our staff members to get feedback so that you’re able to recognize your strengths and weaknesses without any repercussions. This service is available in person and virtually. After your practice date, our dating coach will offer valuable feedback and advice that will help you increase your chances of landing that second date. For your mock date, KP Matchmaking will connect you with one of our staff members and you will receive feedback on how your date went so that we can offer advice to increase your success while dating.

After your practice date, our dating coach will be able to offer constructive criticism that will help you find the one while dating in Philly. Our dating coach will provide feedback on your appearance, body language, flirting strategy, conversation skills, and more.

Practice dating has proven to be beneficial for singles who are lacking confidence, busy professionals, divorcees, as well as those who are re-entering the dating world. Practice dating is an effective tool for taking the pressure off of dating and making the experience fun. Click the button below to learn more about practice dating.


Online Dating Coaching

Nowadays, a large majority of dating is taking place online. Although it’s convenient, the process isn’t as easy as it may seem. Slogans like “swipe right,” or “the dating app designed to be deleted,” or “make love happen” over-simplify online dating and can be very discouraging for those struggling to find love. At KP Matchmaking, we offer online dating coaching services to help you get the most out of your online dating in Philly and have fun while doing so.

As an online dating coach, Kristi can help you overcome a wide variety of obstacles that may be standing in your way of finding true love. Whether you need help picking eye-catching profile photos, writing your bio, or interacting with potential matches effectively, we can help. In addition, we are also available to help you seamlessly transition your online relationship into a face-to-face one. Our approach is fun and has proven to be highly successful when it comes to helping singles find love online.

When you decide to work with our online dating coach, you will discover a wide variety of benefits. Hiring an online dating coach may allow you to view love in a way you haven’t before. After working with Kristi, you may discover you aren’t actually attracted to the kinds of people you thought you were. Also, working with an online dating coach will keep you focused and on the fast track to finding love. Click the button below to learn more about online dating coaching.


Ready To Find The One?

Date consulting has an extremely high success rate when it comes to helping singles find love. If you’re ready to find the one, our coaching and consulting services for dating in Philly may be right for you.

To learn more, please call our Philadelphia matchmaker location at 844.KPMATCH or request a consultation online. Our team of matchmakers successfully matches couples in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and South Florida areas.